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Pop Evil - Pop Evil

Pop Evil – Self Titled Album

Pop Evil Album Review

By: Leslie Elder Rogers

Hailing from North Muskegon, Michigan, Pop Evil is set to deliver yet another amazing album with their upcoming self-titled release. It is scheduled for release on February 16, 2018. This five member band consists of vocalist, Leigh Kakaty, Dave Grahs on rhythm guitar, lead guitarist, Nick Fueling, Matt DiRito on bass, and drummer, Hayley Cramer, who blew the band away with her audition in 2016. The new album incorporates metal, alternative, hard rock and even electronic music bringing forth a new and invigorating take on the music we all know and love. With a more in depth journey into the rock side of Pop Evil, the album provides us with eleven different looks into the band and their lyrical intellect and overall musicianship.

There is no doubt that Leigh Kakaty has the ability to create an amazing vocal performance with every song. He has a pure tone and easily attains outstanding vocal range. Though his sound is crisp and clear, he delivers with grit and gusto when it is needed to clearly suggest a songs’ significance or the direction of the topic in which the song relates to.

In “Waking Lions”, the first single released from the album, right away, you can feel a strong desire from the band to provide us with a stories that make you want to take action. It’s about finding the way deep within yourself to overcome challenges. “Colors Bleed” is a lyrically combative song that was inspired by current events. I can definitely hear a Rage Against the Machine undertone, but the lyrical content brings to mind the more politically driven bands. The next few songs “Ex Machina”, “Art of War”, and “Be Legendary” have a good mixture of rhythmically stimulating guitar riffs and poignant drum beats that when combined, create the perfect support for Kakaty to deliver his powerful messages.

“Nothing but Thieves” begins with a mellow sound and discreet prelude that leads into a synthesized, almost echo like adaptation. Once again, robust guitar riffs were strong and incomparable. “A Crime to Remember” followed seamlessly and kept the momentum flowing as the beat continues to keep your attention. Tapering off to the final few songs, “God’s Dam” takes us from the social and political side and thrusts us into a more religious aspect. The lyrics simply imply that people should to do whatever it takes, get up off their knees, and make it happen, make whatever is wrong, right. It’s quite a powerful song no matter what your beliefs. The next few tracks are brilliantly expressed both musically and lyrically. Every song stays true to the continued theme of this album. From start to finish, Pop Evil does not waver on their endeavor to encourage the awareness of the state of the world today. The album concludes with “Rewind”, a solid closing song. It has a harmonious melody with a catchy chorus backed by flawless band instrumentation, expressing that sometimes, if you get the chance, starting over is cleansing. It’s a simple statement, “rewind, start again”. This may be my second favorite song on the album as I did just that. I “rewound” it several times and started it again. Pop Evil has hit the mark with this album. Each song seemed effortless and the album was perfectly put together from beginning to end.

Full track list:

• Waking Lions

• Colors Bleed

• Ex Machina

• Art of War

• Be Legendary

• Nothing but Thieves

• A Crime to Remember

• God’s Dam

• When We Were Young

• Birds of Prey

• Rewind

Follow the band:

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