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Marc Rizzo set to release new solo LP - Rotation - March 30th

Guitarist Marc Rizzo, of Soulfly and Cavalera Conspiracy, is set to release his new solo album, "Rotation" on March 30 via Combat Records/EMP Label Group/Amped in North America, and Combat/SPV in Europe. This will be Marcs' fourth solo album release. Chris "Zeuss" Harris (Hatebreed, Soulfly, Rob Zombie, Chimaira) produced the album. Cover art is by Melody Myers (Escape the Fate). "Rotation" showcases Rizzo's pummeling eclectic diversity heard clearly on album tracks including "Spectral Intensities", "Thrash Boogie", and title track "Rotation", where he combines his fondness of low-end riffs, thrash-intensive leads, and heavy Latin flavor to create a sound that is clearly unmistakable.

Though I don't typically review instrumental albums, I have a high respect for an artists' ability to put together so many awesome pieces of art that showcase the root and nature of a song without lyrics. We all know that lyrics make the heart appreciate a song but the instrumentation behind the lyrics make the soul feel it. This is absolutely true with this album. Marc has put in place, as always, amazing guitar riffs and solos; riffs that encompass exactly what rock and metal music are about. He is relentless in how he plays with such fast paced vigor. When combining the execution of the bass and drums with Marc's stellar guitar skills throughout each song, there is no denying that this album is a kick ass musical masterpiece.

Tracks 1 through 4 are significantly fast paced and Marc pushes himself to limits that some people would falter under. Track 5, "Ad Pila It Spathas" which in military terms, means something to the effect of close quarter combat, slows it down a little and provides us with a look into his more Latin style with a relaxed tempo. He has shown us his passion for the essence of the Latin sound on his past albums as well. The title track, "Rotation", is track number 6 and it is heavy and hard right back into the hustle of Marc tormenting the strings of his guitar. The hurried stride of the album does not stop there. Track 7 is an equally rigorous and fast paced ride. Track 8, "Jungle Jam Slam" is bass and drum heavy and has a traditional African music structure. Adding the sharp, striking shrill of the guitar changes the dynamic of the song, but it flawlessly creates an amazing compilation of sound that is very soothing. The final track "Thrash Boogie" is very technical and provides us with a multitude of heavy guitar riffs and solos throughout. The entire album is full of melodies that are constructed with perfection; with every ounce of thought imaginable, and delivered irrefutably. With each song lasting between three and half to six minutes, this album provides is with more than forty minutes of phenomenal listening pleasure.

Check out an album teaser featuring “Spectral Intensities” Below:

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