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Knee High Fox - Jawbreaker - Album Review

Knee High Fox
Knee High Fox - Jawbreaker

Knee High Fox is a four person band that will blow your mind with their blended infusion of styles and sounds. With Krsy Fox on vocals, Sam Bam Koltun on guitar, Simon Magel on bass, and Harley DeWinter on drums, they consistently push the bar to make each song better than the one before it. They have just released their full length album Jawbreaker, which contains eight amazing tracks that are far from tame and keep your body moving the entire way through. Heavy hitting lyrics are delivered flawlessly by their powerhouse vocalist, Krsy. Her vocal tone is sharp and stunning. The band compliments her with their electronic pulses and quick, steady, drum beats. The combination of sounds that each instrument creates turns each song into it's own perfected masterpierce.

Track one, "Witch" kicks off the album with a powerful punch. It's dark and angry but intriguing. Title track "Jawbreaker" starts off a little pop-stylish, even maybe leaning toward a possible bit of hip-hop, but the tempo quickly reverts us back to what we love about KHF. My two favorite songs on the album are "American Beauty" and "Peephole" because I love the contrast that these slower songs bring to the mix. Even though the tempos are slower, the lyrics still lean to the darker side of thought.

Cover songs are always a toss-up for me. I truly appreciate the attempt that is made when remaking a song, but sometimes, the outcome does not do the effort justice. Though my take on cover songs is generally a lack of creativity, for KHF, they were extremely creative in their re-vamp of "Lovefool" which was originally recorded and released by The Cardigans 22 years ago. Krsy really took it to a place remarkably her own. I do admit, however, as I listened intently to the version Krsy delivers, I did find myself comparing the two vocalists and their pitch and tone similarities. As a whole, Jawbreaker is brilliantly constructed from instrumentation to vocals with lyrics and catchy chorus' that allow Krsy's power and raw talent to shine. This is a band to watch for sure.

Jawbreaker full track listing:

1. Witch

2. Those Girls

3. Relapse

4. Jawbreaker

5. American Beauty

6. Ladylike

7. Peephole

8. Lovefool