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From Ashes to New Unveil The Future - April 20, 2018

Photo Credit: Graham Fielder

From Ashes to New – The Future

Album Review 4/19/2018

By: Leslie Rogers

For several years now, FATN have consistently wowed fans with their musical creativity and on-stage presence. The new album, The Future, is set to release on April 20, 2018. Not only does this album mark the revamping of the lineup, but it also brings about a bit of change to their sound phonically. They’ve always incorporated a bit of a rap/hip-hop texture in their music and on The Future, this does not change. The aggressive blend of melody and rap are what draw listeners to FATN.

Beginning with track one, right away, I get a very Papa Roach and Linkin Park vibe. That’s not a complaint, just a personal assessment. We all know that Papa Roach and Linkin Park have made huge names for themselves and are both uncontestably amazing, so clearly, integrating this type of sound works. We’ve already had the chance to fall in love with “Crazy”, their current single, so there’s no surprise how catchy the lyrics and chorus are. It’s a song that easily gets stuck in your head, creating the sensation to hum or sing it all day. Aside from “Crazy”, for me, “Gone Forever”, “Broken”, “Forgotten”, and “Let Go” are all stand-out songs on this 11-track album, while “Nowhere to Run” falls short of impressing. Something about the wolf-like howl that unwraps the song and remains a staple during just doesn’t fit FATN for me. It’s still a memorable song and I’m certain it will appeal to many people. “Let Go” is more anthem-like both in its musicianship and vocal delivery. It’s one of those that when witnessed live, would be a “hold your lighters up high and wave them back and forth”, song. The title track, “The Future”, closes the album. It’s an enthusiastic but forceful, robustly-rap inclusive track that says to us that through all the changes that have plagued the band, they are now ready for the future and not a damn thing is going to stand in their way.

Throughout the entirety of the album, there is a combination of electronic infused metal, sinuous guitar riffs, and rolling drum beats. This creates a pretty good mixture of melodic instrumental tone that complements the vocal strength and lyrical mastery that is consistently delivered song after song. My conclusion is this, every song can’t be the best song, but every effort can be the best effort, and this album is just another step forward for these guys. FATN is a band that is passionate about what they do and though they’ve had their issues, they push hard to make music that is relevant while infusing different types of composition and they accomplish it triumphantly.

Watch the video for "Crazy" below: