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Eyes on Satellites - The Illuminator EP Review - Release Date 4/6/18

EP Review by: Leslie Elder Rogers

March 22, 2018

Eyes on Satellites, the post-hardcore quartet from Boston, Massachusetts, is set to release The Illuminator, their second EP on April 6, 2018. It is the follow up to their debut EP Explorations, which was released in 2015. The band consists of vocalist, Dave Longval, vocalist/guitarist, Will Lopez, guitarist, Andrew Webster, and bassist, Daniel Matthew. Regarding the EP, bassist, Daniel Matthew says "The end result is six songs telling an intertwined story of love, loss, and having the comfort and courage to be yourself and stand up for what you truly believe in." When you delve into the lyrics, you feel exactly that.

From the start, The Illuminator, begins with throat ripping growls, which is a predictive trademark sound for EOS. In between the grit and bark of it all, there are crisp, clear, melodic vocals intertwining to creating a majestic mesh of sound.

“Further Now” claims the entry track position and it kicks off the EP with a freakin’ bang and pitches powerful lyrics from the start like these: “Without the future, it all stops here. This is my one true fear”. It smacks us with a glimpse of reality right away and it draws us into the song deeper. The lyrics continue to create contemplations with “What is beauty? When you close your eyes and picture it, what exactly do you see? The lights in the sky as they rip apart the darkness? A standing tree, centered in a field of green? Clear, rushing were the waves, guide our way. A silent ship; beauty’s chaos at the end of it all?” and “My beauty is a chaos. My beauty does not deny this. This is not trying to trick your eyes into believing something that isn’t true. Why paint with brushes, the decay of our time”? Like stated, beauty is chaotic, and we can all find the beauty within that chaos if we want to.

“Clarity”, “Illuminator”, “Ghostwood”, and “Greenvale”, all start with strong guitar riffs that perfectly lead in, constructing the songs so that the abrasiveness of the vocals weave in effortlessly.

“She Bends Her Arms To Look Like Wings” was recently released as their first single from the EP. It continues to blend both vocal aspects, one that punches us in the gut with its raw, uncut grit, and the other, which is more soothing and calm. It is the blend of EOS’ two entirely different vocal approaches that captures the listeners’ attention and creates appreciation for their style, their passion, and the delivery of their messages.

The Illuminator is a defining moment type of release for EOS. As a whole, it is packed full of wildly vivid vocals that are backed by steadfast drums beats and masterfully played guitar chords. Though I am not always a fan of screaming, growling, vocals, in the case of The Illuminator, I’ve played it over and over and will continue to do so.

Watch the video for “She Bends Her Arms To Look Like Wings” below:

Track List:

1. Further Now

2. Clarity

3. Ghostwood

4. Greenvale

5. Illuminator

6. She Bends Her Arms To Look Like Wings

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