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DED Mis-An-Thrope

DED - Mis-An-Thrope

January 26, 2018

By: Leslie Elder Rogers

Arizona has produced an energetic and balls to the wall band with DED. The band, consists of vocalist, Joe Cotela, guitarist, David Ludlow, bassist, Kyle Koelsch, and drummer, Matt Reinhart. Joe and Matt were previously of Man Made Machine and Kyle and David are from Greeley Estates. In their case, friendship turned into a desire to create music together and hence, DED was born. Their debit album, Mis-An-Thrope debuted in July 2017 and has since then been streaming up the charts with every single released. DED combines several musical characteristics that are typical of the metal industry but with their dedication and drive, they shape these very styles into something uniue and it is precisely what we need.

The album has eleven tracks and each track is more powerful than the last. Three of the tracks in particular are reminiscent of a few Slipknot songs we all know. These tracks are “Architect”, “Dead to Me” and “Rope”. The chorus in “Dead to Me” is easily comparable but still has its own identity. Each song is equally solid and engaging. As a fan myself, I give props to them for being a little risky. Playing it safe makes music motionless and stale.

In addition to “Anti-Everything”, and “Remember the Enemy”, both which have made impressive leaps on the Billboard charts, “FMFY” is a stand out song for me on this album. It stings with its’ unforgiving tone and truthfully, it’s just a pissed off song and leads back to the statement made by DED, “If you’re not pissed off, then you’re not paying attention”. This is the most accurate statement I’ve heard yet in relation to heavy metal music and the direction it has taken in the past few years.

Up and coming “Hate Me”, is quickly becoming another “Anti-Everything” as far as popularity. It continues to receive massive play time on stations like XM Octane. It’s a catchy song about not conforming, not being what people want you to be, but being who you want and doing it like a beast. It immediately makes you want to throw your horns in the air, bang your head, and just delve in to the meat of the music.

The album concludes with “Beautiful”, which takes a turn with its’ more subtle and melancholy ballad-style composition. In this song, the pure vocal strength is enthralling as it has such a different tone from the rest of the album. It breaks up the hard hitting, hip hop, throat shattering, screamo style lyrical performance that is so vast throughout.

Over the course of the entire album, each song confirms the vocal strength that Joe possesses and his intense ability to project his voice in a twisted and perverse way that seizes attention. The skills brought by David, Kyle, and Matt, as they each exhibit their skill as each instrument is played flawlessly to provide hellaciously impressive musical content that parallels Joes vocal stamina. The album is the complete package from start to finish. Full of frenzied rage that stimulates the soul like music should.

Full track list:

· Architect

· Anti-Everything

· Dead to Me


· Remember the Enemy

· Disassociate

· Rope

· Hate Me

· I Exist

· Inside

· Beautiful

Watch the video for "Hate Me" here:

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