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Carolina Rebellion 2018 from a cell phone point of view - Another awesome year in the books - Our un

Though as a site, we weren’t "officially" covering Carolina Rebellion 2018, we were there with our cell phones and have summed up our experience as first-time Rebels. Picture quality isn’t the best but without pro-cameras or pit access, it’s the best we could do. 

Each year prior to this, we have attended and covered Welcome To Rockville. This year, plans changed slightly due to scheduling conflicts but we were not about to let Festival season pass by without partaking as usual somewhere.  World's Loudest Month always brings massive crowds, massive travel plans and preparation, with people who are just ready to enjoy some damn good music and have a great time.  Most of the festival attendees are welcoming and inviting, despite the few who get their panties in a wad if they are bumped or hit by crowd surfers.  Don't get me wrong, we all know that crowd surfing is very dangerous and people get hurt everyday as a result, but when a surfer does come in your path, don't be a douche and let them fall or throw them. Instead, as much as possible, be a decent human being and move them along their way safely.  Not every likes crowd surfers or welcomes them by any means, but they are a natural and expected part of life in rock music and especially at festivals, always be prepared. Over this three day weekend in North Carolina, it seems there were many crowd surfing records set. Enough about that.  Onto the actual music at hand. 

The lineup for the weekend was amazing, even though some were quite skeptical about certain bands being headliners or playing at all. 

With so many great bands to choose between each day, it was hard to narrow down the ones that were most important on our list, but in the end, our physical choices for day one were Red Sun Rising, Sevendust, Pop Evil, Parkway Drive, Bullet For My Valentine, Stone Temple Pilots, Stone Sour, and Andrew W.K., though we did enjoy Avatar and a little of Shinedown from the big screens.  The day was hot; hell hot.  There was no comfort from the heat to be found unless you were fortunate enough to get a space in the Monster Energy tent, which  by the way, was a lifesaver if so.  Red Sun Rising officially started our day and it was the perfect way to start.  These guys are brilliant.  How can you go wrong with the massive talent that Lajon of Sevendust brings with him every time he hits the stage?  Well, you can't.  Parkway Drive is powerful and heavy, just what was needed to keep the energy pumping.  Bullet for My Valentine has some of the most loyal fans out there.  Stone Temple Pilots' new vocalist, Jeff Gutt exhibited that he is just what they need.  Stone Sours' Corey Taylor worked his entire set injured but it never interfered with his performance.  He is one hell of an artist.  What was not expected was the show that Andrew W.K. put on for his crowd.  The small stages rocked out this year.  His set was outstanding and the energy it brought was enough to close out our night.  We did not stay for Shinedown or Alice in Chains. The heat was excruciating all day and we knew getting out of the lot would be hell had we waited.  Day one was a success and all of the bands excited the fans as they played both songs that were well-known, as well as those that some have yet to learn to appreciate. 

On day two, the crowd was much larger which is attributed to the outstanding lineup of the day that included Asking Alexandria, Trivium, New Years, Day, In This Moment, Butcher Babies, Halestorm, Breaking Benjamin, Five Finger Death Punch, and Godsmack, among many others.  Looking at the lineup, this day was a day for the ladies of rock for sure.  From where we stood, right on the rails for Asking Alexandria, Trivium, In This Moment, and Breaking Benjamin, we watched as each ecstatic fan excitedly bounced, sang, and screamed for every song.  These bands always bring their A-game and absolutely never disappoint.  Palaye Royale and Bad Wolves put on great shows and drew good crowds to the smaller stages proving that those small stages will only be a stepping stone.  Butcher Babies had a amazingly active crowd with what has been said to be the crowd-surfing record of the weekend. The Used, despite any recent controversy regarding past members, did not show any signs of backing down on their performance.  Five Finger Death Punch is known for bringing children onto the stage with them, and Ivan Moody, amidst all of his issues, still has a very compassionate heart that breaks us all down.  He brought Allison Hodge on stage.  She is a beautiful and spirited young girl who has been fighting leukemia for several years and has shared the stage with Ivan before.  He leaned in hugging her, emotionally expressing his love for her ability to fight like she has. He followed this tear jerking moment with "I Remember Everything", as he kept her by his side, holding her tightly.  In that moment, Allison Hodge became a part of all of our lives.  Thank you IvanGodsmack closed out the night with an enormous crowd but that was expected.  They always brings a brilliant stage show that incorporates vivid colored lights and spotlights.  We spent an hour and a half trying to exit the lot.  Godsmack clearly kept the crowd until the end.  Well done, as always. 

The third day, as we entered the festival already exhausted yet ready for that third wind to kick in, it was obvious that the lineup for the day wasn't the most popular of the weekend.  The parking lot was emptier, the grounds weren't as littered with excited faces...yet.  We wondered if that would change as they day progressed and though the crowd did grow throughout the day, it still paled in comparison to Saturday's attendance.  The lineup included Cane Hill, Jelly Roll, Thrice, Greta Van Fleet, Code Orange, Clutch, The Struts, The Fever 333, Billy Idol, Incubus, Baroness, Queens of the Stone Age, and MuseCane Hill is really getting major attention and is sure to become a household name soon.  Hate that we missed them.  Thrice, now that's a band to watch. Their set was not a shockingly energetic one, but the talent these guys bring is undeniable and unmistakable.  Greta Van Fleet, holy hell at the vocals on this dude.  It's been impossible not to see how much they are blowing up the radio stations so seeing them live was a must.  Perfection on stage is an understatement.  Even if you don't like that they are reminiscent of Led Zeppelin, you have to appreciate what these young guys can do instrumentally and vocally.  The Struts were a surprise.  Missing them when they opened for Foo Fighters the weekend before, we didn't really know what to expect but they have star quality written all over them.  Next came our favorite show of the weekend and also the most surprising to us; The Fever 333.  These guys are just crazy good.  Their energy, their power, a simple "wow" doesn't do them justice.  From the moment their show begins, it packs a powerful punch.  Their show was so much bigger than the small stage they played on.  Billy Idol can still bring a crowd which was obvious as we looked around at all of the fans gathered for his set.  After all these years, he can still command a stage like a boss.  Incubus had a huge crowd and the energy in that crowd was electric.  Heads and bodies bounced up and down without tiring during every song.  Queens of the Stone Age never disappoint, though Josh Homme does seem to incite controversy here and there. Their performance today was invigorating.  On paper and online, Muse was not well received as a part of this festival.  Complaint after complaint was heard about how they didn't fit in.  Many people left before their set without giving them a chance but from what we witnessed, the monstrous crowd that gathered for them, and the fun they had as the band played, that seemed far from the truth. They really put on a great show from start to finish.  Even so, the parking lot was emptier as we left and there was no traffic backup like the prior nights so there was some proof that as a closing band, Muse may not have been the most accepted after all.  Day three, done.  That's a wrap.

The weekend was put to rest as home was calling us back.  It was an extraordinary weekend, packed with great music, wonderful memories, lots of monster energy drinks, and sweat.  Can't forget the sweat.

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