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Cavo Releases "Wreck Me" lyric video

Cavo is back with a brand new lyric video for "Wreck Me." The song comes from the special edition of Bridges, available now from Pavement Entertainment. While the album has the twelve songs fans fell in love with from the first release, the special edition features the bonus tracks "Wreck Me" and "Hush," as well as an alternate version of "Champagne."

"Wreck Me" is a track that should be in everyone's library. It's a breath of fresh air with a modern vibe. Casey Walker, vocalist for Cavo, has expressed how this special edition of Bridges is a record that "fans will understand" and "one-hundred percent Cavo." It demonstrates the Cavo sound that makes the band so successful while also bringing something new to the table.

Official "Wreck Me" Lyric Video below

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