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Ded - Interview with Joe Cotela

Hailing from Phoenix, Arizona, Ded consists of vocalist, Joe Cotela, guitarist, David Ludlow, bassist, Kyle Koelsch, and drummer, Matt Reinhard. Ded had a break-out year in 2017. Octane placed their fist single "Anti-Everything" in their Top 10 for 2017. Their debut album "Mis-An-thrope" rated at #1 on the Billboard Alternative New Artists album chart and was named one of the Top albums of the year by Loudwire. They were nominated for Best New Artist by Loudwire. Their second single "Remember the Enemy" rated in the Top 20 @ Active Rock radio. They played more than 100 dates and every major US Rock festival during 2017 had Ded in its' lineup. Upcoming tour dates with In This Moment and The Word Alive are listed below the interview. Tickets are on sale now.

The Sound of Muzic – Who is Ded? In general, I mean. What is your intention in terms of the music you create?

Joe - We create heavy catchy music. The intention of making honest universal metal music.

The Sound of Muzic – How did you choose a band name and what does it imply or signify?

Joe - We just started using it as a name for the project we were working on. It’s short concise and bold and it just stuck with us.

The Sound of Muzic – Who is responsible for inspiring Ded musically the most?

Joe - The bands we looked to a lot initially were Slipknot, Pantera, Korn, Marilyn Manson etc. Then mixing that with bands like Every Time I Die, BMTH, Emmure, etc. That's kind of the basis of the original sound.

The Sound of Muzic – You guys have been around for a couple of years now but 2017 kicked you into high gear with the release of your debut album Mis-An-thrope. How did it feel to have a debut album rate #1 on Billboard Alternative New Artists album chart?

Joe - It felt great! The reception has been insane! We could’ve never have expected that.

The Sound of Muzic – I’ve seen bands who’ve been around for many years, still unknown to most, and though two years may seem like a lifetime, it’s pretty quick to become recognized so well. To what or who do you contribute such a quick response to your music to?

Joe - It's hard to pin point that exactly but probably our chemistry and work ethic. Our songs are resonating with people.

The Sound of Muzic – Since you first got together, has your direction in music changed at all?

Joe - I would say when we started it was more straight forward metal and it’s morphed into a big melting pot of sounds.

The Sound of Muzic – Who is responsible for writing the music? Do you collaborate as a team of is it split between someone who writes the lyrics while someone else writes the instrumentation?

Joe - It usually starts with David in his studio sending out riffs and grooves and we go from there. The songs form from his initial music.

The Sound of Muzic – You already had two amazing songs released from that album, “Anti-Everything” and “Remember the Enemy”. Now song number three, “Hate Me” is already kicking ass on charts and the video has been recently released. Explain the idea behind the video to me.

Joe – We wanted to do something a bit darker than the first two videos. We called on our long-time friend Shan Dan Horan for it. He really brought out that dark horror vibe – we're thrilled with the results!

The Sound of Muzic – You’ve started 2018 touring with In This Moment, New Years, Day, and POD. How did this tour lineup come about?

Joe - We just got hit up by In This Moments people and asked to do the tour. It's an honor to tour with such great bands - we are having the best tour ever!

The Sound of Muzic – What makes this tour lineup so special and what are you most excited about with this lineup?

Joe - It's a great mix of all styles of rock and metal music. Very cool and diverse - Great people too!

The Sound of Muzic - You’ve played this year's Shiprocked cruise with many amazing bands. Though I am certain the entire cruise exceeded expectations, were there any moments that stand specifically from this cruise and why?

Joe - Just the good vibes of all the bands supporting each other and the amazing shiprockers! It's a great experience because it's all about people connecting.

The Sound of Muzic – If you had your choice of any artist, band/bands, which would be your top pick to collaborate? Explain the reason behind this choice.

Joe - El-P from Run the Jewels. We are all big fans and think we could make something crazy together!

The Sound of Muzic – Of the music videos you’ve created so far, which one was the most fun and why?

Joe - They are all special and unique in their own ways, honestly. Love them all for separate reasons – the themes, where they were shot, etc.

The Sound of Muzic – When performing your music live, which song is your favorite to perform?

Joe - Probably “Anti-Everything” for me personally. There are great singalongs, the crowd just goes off!

The Sound of Muzic – What is next for Ded? What can we expect to see coming our way?

Joe - Touring, touring, touring! Trying to bring the live show to everyone… We just picked up additional West Coast dates with In This Moment in April; we'll be at Las Rageous; Northern Invasion in May – then we head to Europe in June and back here for Rock Fest in July. Follow us on Social Media and check bands in town and come see us!

The Sound of Muzic - I want to thank you for taking time to review and answer these questions. We appreciate great music and DED is beyond that.

Joe - Thank You!

In This Moment / The Word Alive / Ded Tour Dates

April 8 - Boise, Idaho @ Revolution Concert House & Event Center April 10 - Sacramento, Calif. @ Ace of Spades

April 11 - Reno, NV, @ Jub Jub's Thirst Parlor April 12 - Chico, Calif. @ Senator Theatre April 13 - Anaheim, Calif. @ House of Blues Anaheim April 14 - San Diego, Calif. @ House of Blues San Diego April 16 - Phoenix, Ariz. @ The Van Buren April 17 - Albuquerque, N.M. @ Sunshine Theater April 18 - Denver, Colo. @ The Fillmore Auditorium

April 20 - The Complex, Salt Lake City, Utah

April 21 - Las Rageous Festival – Las Vegas, NV April 22 - Tucson, Ariz. @ The Rialto Theatre/Tucson, Arizona April 24 - San Angelo, Texas @ River Stage San Angelo Texas April 25 - Austin, Texas @ Emo's April 27 - Pharr, Texas @ Bogus Ford Events Center April 28 - Laredo, Texas @ Laredo Energy Arena

May 13 - Northern Invasion – Somerset, WI

July 13 - Rockfest – Cadott, WI

Watch the video for "Hate Me" below

Download the single for "Hate Me" for only .69 cents here

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