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The Casket Factory Tour - Atlanta, GA

Review by:

Leslie Elder Rogers

February 12, 2016 – The Masquerade – Atlanta, GA

The Casket Factory Tour seems to have started with a bang and as Atlanta, Georgia welcomed Blaze, Lex the Hex Master and Trilogy, the pace is steadily increasing as more towns fuel its continuation. Before the main acts hit the stage bringing death and reincarnation with them, the fans got to experience Knowledge Da MC and Lunatic Librarian. I didn’t make it to the show in time to personally sit in on everyone but Lex the Hex along with Blaze and his homie in the mask, (whom, after digging a bit, seems to be named Dustin and just might be the personal assistant/stage manager for Twizdid) freakishly brought the Horrorcore scene to life for me. It was my first concert of this genre’ and I have to say, it was pretty fucking awesome, colorful but smoky and cemetery-like. I didn’t know what to expect going in; only knew what I was told to expect. I was not let down by the performances tonight as they all shocked and awed the crowd (including myself) in a way that made the entire funeral driven atmosphere seem pleasantly appealing. The dark room that lit up with colors that transcended on and off on-stage and throughout the room intensified the appearance of the costumes and the makeup giving the fans what I would call a glorified monster effect as if watching a horror movie come to life right in front of them. It was a thrilling ride through the mind of the reaper but in a sense that didn’t cause pain or agony, in fact, it created a superb energy and force in everyone in attendance. The sound in the room was riveting as the bass thudded the walls creating a seamless transition into each song. The fans jumped and screamed, rapping their hearts out along with Blaze as he threw each lyric vividly at them. Half of the room was filled with fans cloaked in dark colored hoodies, sporting black and white face paint or masks, while the other half had their artist supportive gear on. Obviously they represent their genre’ and their “family” with 100% allegiance. It was a sight, especially for someone who had never experienced a realm of devotion from fans with quite this much intensity before. Without doubt loyalty runs deep within in the souls of each fan in the Juggalo “family”. Looking in, as an “outsider”, the appearance of the artists, the song titles, their lyrics and their fan hysteria might send fear through your veins. Underestimating the impact of just being present at a concert of this level is highly possibly but I assure you, it is worth every minute of torture you put yourself through while trying to decide if you are up to the task. To the fans that have stayed true all these years, I commend you for supporting something so outstandingly provoking. A really kick ass show.

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