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Doyle - Abominate the World Tour 2017

Doyle - Abominate The World- Tour 2017

With special guest Davey Suicide

Hell @ The Masquerade, Atlanta, GA – June 3

By: Leslie Elder Rogers

This was my first visit to the Masquerade since their relocation to Underground Atlanta. Though nervous at first because I know how things have changed at Underground over the years, once I got to the venue, I was pleasantly surprised and content with the set up. Hell was my stop for the night and Doyle, along with featured artist, Davey Suicide, are who drug me to Hell this night. Doyle has been giving pleasure to their fans for many years. Individually, Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein is quite an intriguing character and has been since his early days with The Misfits. He has a savage, beast-like tendency as he bangs the shit out of the strings creating a sound that is wild and unrestrained.

Davey Suicide has had his share of trials and tribulations over the past few years. It seems that he is putting that behind him as he approached the stage to entertain with his eccentric music style. Not that we could see anything as smoke filled the stage and then oozed into the venue engulfing the room completely. His silhouette was barely visible throughout the entire set but the music was fun and energetic. He was clearly excited as his shadow bounced viciously across the stage. Thank goodness for small seizures of light that allowed minimal visibility of the figures on stage behind the smokescreen. I often question why some bands do this. Do they want the fans to not be able to experience the show being portrayed on stage? Is just listening to the music the whole idea behind the gimmick? I can enjoy the music part from the comfort of my home but in my opinion, the concert experience is about more than that. Tonight, among several of his songs, he included, “Too Many Freaks”, “No Angel”, Paralyzed”, and “Generation Fuck Star”.

Doyle, the band, approached the stage and the crowd cheered ecstatically. The smoke was clearing, finally. Alex “Wolfman” Story peered crazily and wide-eyed into the eyes of the fans. His eagerness to provide the very effect that was anticipated by all who were attending tonight was evident. His red and black checkered mini-skirt further advanced the obvious desire to influence reaction from the crowd. As he stood there, bare chested, mic in hand, with Doyle “Von Frankenstein” beside him eagerly clinging to his Annihilator, the well-known bat wing designed guitar, fearlessly they were prepared to rock The Masquerade tonight. To the side of the stage, several identical guitars sat primed, waiting on their turn for tortured by Doyle’s hand. With his rough and arduous guitar playing style, he will clearly need them to finish the show. As the night progressed, the band members along with Wolfman and Von Frankenstein, controlled the stage and brought life to every single note and lyric performed. Drums were brutally on point. Each song was, as Wolfman said, a love song and he welcomed us all to sing along if we’d like. I’ve never attended a concert with as many “love songs” as I heard performed tonight. These love songs were in fact, drastically not love song-like, but in a fantastic way. The power of the band to musically induce the crowds’ frenzied state of mind was invigorating. As they made their way to and from across the stage, the lighting emphasized the horror rock, monster styled persona that is Doyle, as we know them. Their set list was made up of both old songs and new songs that are part of their album As We Die, which was released this month. Many concerts I’ve been to, I watch and listen and though the music is amazing, the show that is supposed to encompass the music doesn’t enthrall. Doyle…does. The mental and visual intercourse between the band and the fans is wildly mysterious. Tonight’s love song set list, in its’ majority, is listed below. This show was intensely executed and entertained from start to finish without question.

Beast Like Me

Run For Your Life


Learn to Bleed


King Of the Undead


God Of Flies

Valley of Shadows

We Belong Dead

Kiss Me As We Die

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